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Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex Counties

Embracing the Many Aspects of Minimalism

October brought in the New Englander’s clothing conundrum when temperatures wildly fluctuated; we found ourselves bundled up in the morning with multiple layers only to strip down to a t-shirt and sandals by midafternoon, and then put the sweater back on with a hat in the evening. In addition to heralding the appearance of fully bare trees and switching our closets to winter clothes, we welcome Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season during November. How about taking these mid-season opportunities to pare down our closets and living spaces, giving back to others as we do so? How about embracing the joy of minimalism? How about gifting others with services and meaningful, useful presents rather than just “things?”

Our November edition embraces many aspects of minimalism, from helping children with more conscientious choices to finding “greener” gyms. We plant some vegetarian ideas in your head for the upcoming holidays with amazing and varied recipes for festive foods all of your guests can enjoy. Working on keeping the body healthy, our Holiday Workouts article offers motivation tips to keep you going while Lung Maintenance 101 helps with more natural strategies to breathe easier. 

Get inspired and inspire others by remembering that, “Kindness from pure intentions rather than superficial investment in ‘good karma’ is a form of energy that begets more of the same.” Check out our Inspiration article on page 18. Read more about the magic of skin-to-skin contact with our babies and how it helps their development. If you are looking to bring in a new pet—younger or older—understanding responsible pet adoption is key to ensuring an easier, happier transition for pets and humans. 

Continue to check out the services and products of our local green living practitioners and businesses as you venture on your wellness journey. Please share our Natural Awakenings edition with your family, friends and community. So, as our November cover illustrates, I hope you will take some time to exhale and center yourself. The image is inspiring me to find a local business selling these amazing, comfy braided blankets! Reach out to me if you know someone!

All the best,


Ariana Rawls Fine, Publisher